Your mental model as a skipper


Are you planning your next sailing trip and have everything already prepared?

The sailing area is found, you have agreed dates and details of your sailing trip with the crew, you opt your skipper and deposit insurance provider and everything else for the sailing route is arranged as well?

Great, we can finally start!


But what about you as a skipper, as a person?

How did you prepare for this sailing trip?

And I don't mean your nautical preparation like weather, route planning, maps, purchase list and cash on board management for your crew or other things.

It's about you as a person, your wishes, your needs and your dealings with the crew.

With all the anticipation, organization and planning of the best sailing route, we often forget ourselves.

What do you need as a skipper to be able to go on a relaxed and restful sailing trip? How will it be with the crew? Will there be any conflicts with individuals or are they all getting along? Perhaps you also have concerns because you have little experience being a skipper or an sailing area that is still unknown to you worries you. And last but not least, how will the interaction with the crew work on this sailing trip?


Take a little time and ask yourself the following questions:

How do I personally deal with unpredictable events at this sailing trip?

How do I react to a conflict with or within the crew?

Do we all have a similar idea of ​​the sailing trip?

It makes perfect sense to deal with these and other questions before the sailing holiday.

As skippers, on the yacht we are the leaders and we shape the living and moods on board. Leadership starts with ourselves.


My mood and attitude have a major impact on the sailing crew.

The premise for this is to try to get to the bottom of your attitude and convictions.

From this you develop your personal mental model.

A good preparation and planning for the best sailing trip also includes you as a skipper and person.

With a little challenge to yourself you will make the next sailing holiday more relaxed and the interaction with your crew will change positively. This has a direct impact on safety on board.

Ist die Crew motiviert und fühlt sich jedes Crewmitglied an Bord wohl, werden die jeweiligen Aufgaben zuverlässiger und konzentrierter erledigt. Die Crew ist umsichtiger und wachsamer. Alle Crewmitglieder tragen ihren Teil zum Gelingen des Segeltörns bei. Das wiederum entlastet dich als Skipper und Schiffsführer.
Sicherlich willst auch du einen möglichst entspannten Segelurlaub haben und am Ende alle wieder unversehrt zum Hafen zurück bringen.

If the crew is motivated and every crew member feels comfortable on board, the respective tasks are carried out more reliably and with concentration. The crew is more careful and vigilant. All crew members do their part to make the trip a success. That in turn relieves you as the skipper as well.

Surely you want to have the most relaxed sailing holiday and at the end bring everyone back to the harbor unharmed.

I wish you a safe and relaxing trip



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In my seminar “Psychology on Board” I go into this topic in detail. You will learn everything you need to know about team development, communication and conflict management.

Who I am?

Jürgen Degner

I work as a systemic individual, couple and family therapist and coach in my own practice. As a skipper, I go on holiday trips and provide seminars, team development and team building on sailing yachts.

Jürgen Degner

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